Victoria Ukuleles

The group meets every Wednesday, at Charter Court, Victoria Street, Barton, Gloucester, GL1 4EP.

Sessions run from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm and £1.00 contributions are solicited to cover the costs of refreshments.

Access by car to Charter Court is indirect.  From Barton Street, turn into Hopewell Street, then turn right into Ryecroft Street.  Continue to the end of Ryecroft Street and turn right into Victoria Street.

Parking at Charter Court is very limited, so if you see a suitable roadside space, grab it while you can.  There is some parking available opposite Charter Court.  Don't be put off by the Private sign on the car park entrance.  It is there for the use of visitors to Charter Court.

Parking is also available in the Sinope Street Car Park, on the other side of Barton Street.

Public Transport:

Take the No 1 bus from Clarence Street to the PictureDrome stop.  Walk back towards the town centre.  The One-Eyed Jacks pub stands on the corner of Victoria Street.  Walk up the street. passing through the pedestrian section and Charter Court is on the left, just past the pedestrian section.

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