Batch Importing from ZIP Files

Mobile Sheets Tutorial 4

The default for Mobile Sheets allows the application to manage your song files.  If you use this option, the application copies all your song files into a single folder, internal storage>Android>data>com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro>files.

I shall describe importing into a new album here, assuming that Mobile Sheets is managing your song files.

Throughout these tutorials I have assumed that you will be working with an Android tablet and using the Astro File Manager.  If you do not have it installed then I strongly urge you to go to the Google Play Store and download and install this free app.

1.      Download the ZIP file of the songs you want to batch import.

a.      Navigate to the Victoria Ukuleles SongSheets webpage

b.      Hold your finger or stylus on the hyperlink for the ZIP file you want to download until the pop-up menu appears as shown:


Touch Download Link to save a copy of the ZIP file to you Downloads folder.

2.      Extract the ZIP file to a dedicated folder

a.      Open Astro File Manager

Touch the Downloads icon to open the Downloads folder


Touch the folder icon in the top right to create a new folder

c.      Name your new folder and touch CREATE

d.      Move the new ZIP file into the new folder


Dwell on the ZIP file to select it, then touch the 3dot menu button in the top right corner

                                         ii.     From the menu, select Move


Touch your new folder to open it (notice the new bottom bar, showing that you selected on item to move and offering a PASTE button


Touch the PASTE button


Dwell on the moved ZIP file and then touch the 3dot menu button


Touch Extract Here


The ZIP file is now fully extracted.


Delete the original ZIP file. Find and select (by dwelling on it) the ZIP file and then touch the dustbin icon in the top right


Confirm Delete by touching DELETE


Open Mobile Sheets and touch the IMPORT button


Select Batch Import



Touch the folder icon and select Local File


Navigate to your Downloads folder and into your new folder within it and touch the OK button. (The folder structure at the top of the graphic below should help.)

7.      If necessary, scroll down to expose the Album field and touch the Down Arrow

8.      To create a new Album, touch the NEW button


Give your Album  name and then touch the OK button


Touch the OK button to return to the Batch File Import Dialog


To start the Import, touch the START button , top right.


Touch the OK button to close the Import Results dialogue


Touch the Albums tab to display the list of available Albums and find your new Album within it.

Mobile Sheets has copied all the new PDF files into its default data folder, so the folder in Downloads and files that were extracted into it are now redundant and can be deleted.

If you want to know how to arrange the songs into the same order as the original book then follow the Tutorial, Organizing your songs into Setlists For more about Albums etc, follow the tutorial, Albums and Collections